O'See | See what your coach sees and analyse yourself O'See | See what your coach sees and analyse yourself



Physiotherapy exercises

Nicky van Melick BSc Physio Therapist SMC Papendal Netherlands

I use the O’See App in our sports- en general physiotherapy practice and also advise my patients to use it themselves.

The app is very useful for patients. They don’t have to watch the mirror all the time, but just concentrate on doing their exercise and get video feedback immediately after. The nice thing is that the learning process becomes implicitely. Research shows that it is much more effective than explicite learning.

I already told my own handball coach to use it as well, so he does not need to buy and setup all this expensive video equipment!



Cool dancing

Martine Figure skating coach

As a former elite ice dancer, I know the importance of video feedback. Unfortunately, we don’t have much ice time, so we have to use the ice very effectively and efficiently. There is little time to setup video analysis and operate the camera during training. The O’See app is so easy and effective. We just put up an iPad at the side of the track, press record and start training. My athletes use it independently and we discuss video together. They understand better what I’m trying to explain. Fantastic.


Improved my skills

Sophia Gymnast

I downloaded O’See because I wanted to see my actions right away in the training. The app showed me what I did wrong (or right), allowing me to correct and showing me immediately if I improved or not. Whithout needing someone to operate the camera for me. I can even use it when I am practicing without my trainer. So, great app!

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