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The O’See app has been developed by:


O’Sports   V2C
Otto den Braver Cees Verhoef
Delft Groesbeek
The Netherlands The Netherlands
info@osports.nl info@v2c.nl


Why did we develop this app

Both founders have an extensive background in sports, engineering and business. Otto as a professional shorttrack speedskater, engineer and researcher, and Cees as a lifelong hockeyplayer, CEO of sports related business and business developer.

Otto experienced hands the value of video feedback for skating, but also struggled implementing it during training without a dedicated cameraman. The camera had to stand on a tripod and the important video fragments had to be found and could only be watched when there was enough time after the cooling down. Sometime even hours after practice.

From the sports business and research, it was also known that video feedback is perhaps the most important type of feedback for an athlete, and the sooner you get it after exercise, the better it is. With Video Delay the flow of the training is not interrupted and you reach a very steep learning curve. However, you need expensive hardware and often a cameraman to operate the system.

We developed O’See Video Delay to help motivated and professional athletes implement video feedback in their training easily and at low cost. Now you can concentrate on training and reach your dream goals!

Ideas on how we can further develop this app are welcome or just give us feedback on how you use the O’See app!



O'See download

  • video delay for all sports
  • analyse during training
  • save your actions
  • export to your camera roll
  • uses front and back camera
  • records audio
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