O'See | See what your coach sees and analyse yourself


Three important screens of the O’See app are explained below, Home, Settings and Video Archive.



Home screenFrom here you can operate the basic settings and start recording with preset delay time

Setting (top left button): see description below.

Flip camera (top right button): Flips between front and rear camera. When you want to view the screen easily from where you performed your actions, use the front camera. When you want higher resolution images, use the rear camera. The rear camera can also be useful when you take turns with your friend or whole team, nobody will stand in front of the camera when they watch their footage.

Video Archive (bottom left button): see description below.

Record (bottom middle button): Start using O’See, ENJOY and LEARN!

Save (bottom right button): Is only active in recording mode. Saves the last action according to the preset save length. Only your most important actions will be saved and no more hours of video searching and editing are necessary.


Video Settings

Video SettingsDelay Time: The time between the start of your exercise and being ready to view your performance on your device. It is possible to set up to 4 minutes of delay!

Save Length: The length of your exercise, plus a little more to be safe. You can decide to save your exercise after you have viewed it. No more hours of scrolling through bad attempts or recording time between exercises. It is possible to set up to 4 minutes of save time.

Video Quality: SD video quality (360 x 480 pixels) is optimized for battery life and screen viewing. HD video quality (1080 x 1920 pixels) is optimized for a large screen experience, e.g. laptop or TV. HD uses the most processing power and battery life.

Record audio: Use if audio is important in your performance, for example when your coach tells you important things during exercise.


Video Archive

Video ArchiveAll your saved clips can be viewed here and sorted by name or by date. You can also add text comments or export your clip to your camera roll for further sharing or analysis.

Edit: Here you can clean up your Video Archive.

Camera: Returns to recording mode.

Info: General information about the developers.








Questions? Check out the FAQ page or e-mail us at info@osee-app.com.

Ideas on how we can further develop this app are welcome or just give us feedback on how you use the O’See app!






O'See download

  • video delay for all sports
  • analyse during training
  • save your actions
  • export to your camera roll
  • uses front and back camera
  • records audio
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Improved my skills

Sophia Gymnast

I downloaded O’See because I wanted to see my actions right away in the training. The app showed me what I did wrong (or right), allowing me to correct and showing me immediately if I improved or not. Whithout needing someone to operate the camera for me. I can even use it when I am practicing without my trainer. So, great app!


Tennis like Maria Sharapova

Elena Russian tennis player

I often practice with my friend who is also a competitive tennis player. During our lessons, the coach doesn’t have much time for video analysis. Sometimes my friend and me take turns when practicing serves. We give feedback to each other and watch the video. Our coach really motivates us to use video and sometimes even uses the O’See app during training with the group. He loves it, and so do we.


Nice app

Oscar Huisman Athlete

I have tried this app during weight training and was very pleased with it. I could see my posture during heavy lifts and correct in the next attempts. The people who watched me use it wanted to now more about it. Nice app.